Roofing Repair Tips To Help You During The Hot Summer Months And To Deal With Severe Weather Damage


Hot summer months mean you are not thinking about a leaking roof; until a storm comes and causes more damage. Therefore, you want to be able to protect yourself from these problems with roof inspection and repairs to stop leaks. The following tips will help you with the roof repairs that need to be done to prepare your roof for summer storms:

1. Melting Shingles and The Problems With Ventilation in Your Attic 

The hot summer sun can sometimes melt the shingles on your roof, which can be caused by poor ventilation or improper underlayment. To prevent problems with melted shingles on the roof of your home, make sure that you have good ventilation and proper roof decking and moisture barrier underlayment. Add more vents to the attic of your home to reduce excess heat and prevent damage to roofing and the wood framing in the attic. 

2. Proper Tree Care to Keep Your Home Shaded and Your Roof Safe

Trees can be a great addition to your property to provide an attractive shade that keeps your home cool in summer. They can also be the cause of problems with your roof, which is why you want to make sure to keep trees trimmed. Clean the roof of any tree debris regularly and make sure to keep branches trimmed as far away from the roof as possible.

3. Inspecting Your Roof for Damage That Is Caused by Summer Storms

The roof of your home needs to be routinely inspected at least once a year to know its condition and when it needs repairs or replacement. You also want to inspect your roof for damage after severe summer storms, which can bring hail, heavy rain, and high winds that cause damage to the shingles. Repairing the minor storm damage will prevent more serious problems from developing.

4. Dealing With Minor Repairs to Wear and Leaks That Occur Over the Years

The age of your shingles can also cause them to wear and need repairs occasionally. You will want to replace shingles that are worn, deformed, or torn due to age. In addition, occasionally inspect the surface for signs of punctures and other leaks that need to be patched to prevent damage inside your home.

These are some tips that will help you prepare your roof with the right repairs and improvements to prepare for severe storms. If you need help with inspecting and repairing your roof, contact a roof repair service for help with these tasks.


14 August 2019

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