Things You Can Do To Get Your Roof Ready For Winter


It's a good practice to get your roof ready for a long winter. Winter can be hard on a roof if the roof gets covered under snow or ice. Plus, winter can have strong winds and cold weather that take a toll. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your roof is in good shape before the cold weather sets in.

Clean And Test The Gutters

The end of autumn, when the leaves have all fallen, is a good time to clean out your gutters. This way, you can start winter with clear gutters that drain properly. In addition to digging out clumps of leaves, check that the troughs are attached firmly and that water from a hose drains out of the downspout. While you're on the ladder cleaning the gutters, it's a good time to check the condition of the roof since you can get a close look, especially at the bottom row of shingles that often receive damage first. Also, check the roof valleys for clumps of leaves or branches, and clean them off the roof or hire someone to do it for you.

Have Shingles Repaired

If you notice loose shingles, loose flashing, or other potential problems with your roof, call a roofing contractor to check your roof to see if it needs repairs before winter sets in. Your roof might need a few shingles replaced or flashing gaps sealed.

Cut Back Tree Branches

Although your trees may be finished growing for the season, branches can still be a threat when they are loaded down with snow or ice. The weight can snap off branches that land on your roof, or it can cause the branches to scrape the roof when the wind blows.

Check The Attic Ventilation

Check the insulation in your attic to make sure it isn't blocking vents in the soffit. You want air to enter your attic even in the winter so heat doesn't build up to melt ice and snow on the roof. This situation can cause ice dams that harm your roof, and having adequate ventilation in the attic can prevent this from happening. If you're not sure about your attic ventilation, have the roof and attic checked by a roofer who can determine if you need to add a fan or vent to the roof to increase airflow.

Consider A Roof Replacement

If your roof is old and it's time to think about having it replaced, then early winter can be a good time to do it, depending on the weather. The weather may be mild enough to put on a roof at the start of winter, and you might get a good deal since roofers usually aren't as busy then as in the spring and summer months.

For more information, reach out to residential roofers near you.


21 August 2019

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