Why Roof Flashing Is So Important To Your Building


When was the last time you had your building's roof inspected? Even if you do not think that something is wrong with your roof, an inspection can help catch problems that you would otherwise miss. For instance, many building owners focus on the integrity of their shingles, but may not think to look closely at their roof flashing. The flashing plays a key role in keeping water out, which is why it helps to have an inspection to look for potential problems over time. Here is what you need to know about roof flashing.

The Purpose

Flashing materials provide a protective layer in places where the roofing material is interrupted by anything protruding from your roof. Flashing is made out of copper, aluminum, steel, or even PVC material. These materials work because water cannot permeate them, which helps keep water away from your roof deck.

The Protection

Flashing is used in places where there would normally be a seam that allows water to get underneath your roofing material. For example, if you have a lower roof that meets up with a second floor, that roofing material will be exposed along the top edge. Flashing will be placed so that it lays on top of the top layer of shingles, but underneath the siding material on the upper portion of the house. This helps the rain water flow over the flashing material and onto the shingles, rather than get trapped behind the shingles and find a way underneath.

The Potential Damage

You will want to have a roof inspection done to find problematic flashing because it leads to a leak. If flashing material is no longer sticking to the surface, water can find a way underneath the flashing. You will need to have these sections of flashing reattached with roofing cement. Flashing material can also deteriorate over time. If the metal ends up cracking, that gap in the material can be enough to let water through and reach your roof deck.

The Repair

Flashing is one part of a roof that it helps to have a professional repair for you. Flashing is not always an easy thing to fix, since it can involve special collars that go around pipes, and metal that is bent at specific angles to fit where two sections of roof join together. Having a commercial roofing service handle the repair means that that job will be done correctly and your building will be protected from water.


27 August 2019

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