Selecting The Best Contractor To Replace Your Commercial Building's Roof


Roof replacement is one of the most expensive routine maintenance items faced by any commercial building owner. Depending on the particular type of roof used on your building, full replacement may only be necessary once every few decades. The high cost and long lifespan of the average roof means that it is especially important to have the job done right, especially since serious installation defects can lead to ongoing and costly repairs. Selecting the right contractor for such an important job can be daunting, but following a few simple rules can make the process much easier.

Understand How Your Existing Roof Was Chosen

There are a variety of roofing systems used for commercial buildings, and the type of roof that is on your building was likely chosen for a specific reason. If you were not the owner at the time that the current roof was installed or if you weren't involved in that decision-making process, then it's important to understand why your building has the roof that it does. Was it the most cost-effective option? Was it chosen because it was most suitable for your particular climate? Is it particularly well suited to how your building is used?

As you speak with contractors, it will be important to understand the answers to these questions so that you can make informed decisions about the options that they present you with.

Research and Discuss Alternatives

Even if you are relatively sure that you will be replacing your current roof with a similar material, this is still the best time to discuss alternative options. The lifespan of the average commercial roof means that roofing techniques may have changed drastically since your roof was installed. Experienced contractors should be able to enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of roofing types and help you to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for switching to another type. You may find that newer, more advanced roofing materials offer long-term cost savings even if they are more expensive upfront.

Focus on Maintenance and Support

Regardless of what type of roof you are having installed, it's important that you choose a contractor that will stand by their work. Commercial roofing guarantees are less standardized than those for commercial installations, so it's important to call around and discuss the types of warranties that are offered as well as long-term service plans. Many commercial roofers offer maintenance plans that you can use to help offset some of your yearly upkeep costs, and working with the same contractor that installed your roof for long-term maintenance can be a good way to be sure that the job is being done correctly.

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3 September 2019

Roofing Fundamentals: What To Know Before Replacement

When it came time to install a new roof on my home, I had no idea where to start. In fact, I was exploring roofing options that were a really poor fit in my climate. It wasn't until I reached out to a local roofer that I got some lessons on how to choose the right roofing material for my home and the weather exposure it is subjected to. I built this site to share my journey, including the mistakes I made and the things that I learned along the way. If you are considering replacing your home's roof, I hope that the information here can help to guide you through the process.