Why You May Want To Switch To A Metal Roof When It's Time To Replace Your Asphalt Roofing


Take time to compare all your options when it's time to replace the roof on your house. For instance, although you may have an asphalt roof now, you may want to switch to a metal roof when you have a new roof put on. Here's why metal could be an improvement over asphalt.

Metal Roofs Can Be Stylish

If you want to upgrade the exterior appearance of your home at the same time, then consider a metal roof that's made to look like slate shingles or some other expensive type of roofing. Standing seam metal roofs are common, but they're not the only option available to you. You can buy metal shingles made in different shapes, textures, and colors to resemble expensive roofing materials at a lower cost.

Metal Adds Fire Protection

Weather extremes are unpredictable, and in periods of drought, fire risks are higher. Your home could be at risk of fire from a wildfire, a careless neighbor burning brush, or even a lightning strike. A metal roof adds a layer of fire protection since it doesn't ignite. Your roof is vulnerable during a fire since embers fly through the air and can start a fire where they land. Since metal won't catch fire, your home has a degree of fire protection, which can give you peace of mind during a prolonged drought.

Metal Roofing Has A Long Life

Metal roofing is low maintenance, and it has a long life. Any roof can be destroyed when it gets a direct hit from a tornado or when a tree falls on the house, but when it comes to normal wear and tear, a metal roof outlasts an asphalt shingle roof. The long life of metal makes the extra initial expense worthwhile. Plus, if you're approaching your retirement years, then putting on a metal roof now could save you from needing another roof replacement when you're elderly and may have limited funds.

A Metal Roof Might Keep Your Home Cooler

Metal roofs come in many colors, but white is a common one, especially if you want the roof to keep your home cooler. A white metal roof reflects the sun so there is less solar heating of your home. This could make a difference in your comfort during the hot summer months and allow you to be cooler without having to run your AC constantly. Less solar heating might even make your AC work more efficiently so you notice a lower power bill during the summer.

These are a few reasons to think about switching to a metal roof when it's time to have a roof replacement done. However, you'll want to talk to your roofing contractor about the advantages of metal over asphalt and compare prices to decide if a metal roof is a good investment for your home. Contact a local roofing company like Earhart Roofing Company Inc to learn more. 


5 September 2019

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