Increase Safety With Snow Guard Roof Installation


Having a building in a climate that is prone to harsh winters means one thing — snow accumulation on the roof. Not only is the extra weight on the roof an issue for the stability of the roof, but the large pockets of snow that form on the roof can be a safety hazard for anyone walking below, in the event they fall. As a business owner, it's your responsibility to maintain safety. Learn how snow guards can help.

What Are the Risks?

A roof is just like any other surface, in that snow will accumulate on top of it. The more snowfall, the greater the accumulation. If your roof is in good condition, the temperature just below the roof's surface should be higher than the air temperature outside. 

As a result of this difference, the warmer air from the roof will start to slowly melt the snow. The melted snow on the bottom layer creates a slippery surface for the snow pockets to slide off the roof, and crash down on the ground below. 

For any person that is standing below, the avalanche of snow can cause serious injuries. In some instances, the large snow pockets can even damage or detach the gutters, which will only increase the risk of damage to the roof. 

What Are Snow Guards?

Snow guards are a great solution. While the heated temperatures under the roof's surface help move the pockets of snow, the lack of any barrier, of sorts, allow it to fall to the ground in a solid piece. Snow guards are somewhat of a barrier. 

As the snow starts to move, the guards help break up the snow so that it falls in much smaller pieces, rather than in large chunks. While not ideal, smaller pieces of snow falling are much less dangerous and far less detrimental to the condition of the gutters. 

In terms of effectiveness, the placement of the guards is critical, as their placement will help determine just how much the snow pockets are broken up, so the guards should only be installed by a professional. It's also important to note that this addition is best suited for metal roof styles. This feature is not nearly as effective with an asphalt roof. 

A roofing contractor can install snow guards to your roof to help maintain safety, as well as ensure your roof is equipped to handle the trials of winter weather. Make certain you keep roof safety and upkeep a top priority. 


16 September 2019

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