Why You Shouldn't Work from Home During a Roofing Job


Today, many people work from home in a variety of jobs and enjoy the many benefits of not having to commute to a traditional place of work. There are some challenges that you'll face on occasion when you work from home, and this includes when you've arranged to have contractors work on your residence. If you're getting a new roof installation, you might want to be at home when the roofing professionals arrive so that you can greet them and talk about the job. It'll then be time to clear out of the house, as this isn't a day that you'll want to work from home. Here are some reasons that this is true.


The biggest reason that you won't want to work from home while a roofing service is working overhead is the noise. Roofing is a job that is loud, and telling your roofers that you need to get work done and asking them to work quietly isn't really practical. The mere sound of the contractors walking around on your roof is something that you'll hear throughout the residence, and you'll also be acutely aware of the roofers dropping bundles of shingles as they carry them up, hammering nails into shingles, and even moving the ladder.

Falling Objects

When a roofing crew is working on the roof of your home, it's conventional for these professionals to have a dumpster bin on your driveway. As the roofers rip old shingles up, they'll toss them down into the dumpster. This isn't a concern if you're at home all day, but if you're someone who works from home and has people visit you—for example, you run a massage therapy business out of your home—there's a safety concern about having people walking up to your driveway because of the falling shingles. This is another reason to cancel your typical workday on the day of your roofing work.

Occupied Driveway

It's a lesser concern, but if you were to have people coming to your home during your workday, they may struggle with parking. If you have a standard two-car driveway, it's common for the dumpster to occupy one half of this space and the roofing service's truck to occupy the other half. Other parking options in your neighborhood may be limited, and this can be inconvenient for whoever plans to visit you during the day. Your best bet is to take a day off or, depending on your line of work, find another place to work on this day.

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20 September 2019

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