Repairs Your Metal Roof Might Need After A Storm


Metal roofs have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. However, a bad storm can do damage to any type of roof, including metal, especially if tree limbs or debris crash into the roof too. Fortunately, metal roofing can be repaired. Here are some repairs that might be needed after storm damage.

Remove Rust And Cover Holes

If you don't notice scratches or dents that hold water right away, then you may not realize the extent of the damage until your roof starts to rust much later. Rust is one thing that causes roofs to need repairs because the rust will spread and eat holes through metal. Rust has to be removed, and this can be done with a wire brush. Once all the rust is gone, the metal can be treated with a rust inhibitor and painted a color that matches the rest of the roof. If rust already made holes in the roof, then those need to be patched, sealed, and covered to keep rain from leaking through the roof. Patches might eventually wear down, so it's a good idea to check patched areas on a metal roof periodically to make sure they still have a tight seal.

Replace A Sheet Of Metal

If a heavy branch falls on the roof and damages a metal panel, it may be necessary to remove the damaged area and replace it with a new sheet of roofing. Storms that carry hail can also damage large portions of a metal roof by denting it. You'll need to check with your insurance agent about dent coverage on metal roofs. Dents may or may not be covered when they're only cosmetic, but you'll probably want to replace roofing that's unattractive due to dents even if the dents don't pose a threat to the roof.

Secure Loose Panels

Sometimes, nails can work loose from metal roofing panels and allow the roof to leak or lift in strong winds. When this happens, the roofer can take out loose or damaged nails and replace them with new nails that hold the sheet tight to the deck. Adhesive might also be added to seal seams against leaks. Your roofer might use roofing cement or roofing tape on loose panel seams. Just like with patches, you'll want to check on roofing tape periodically to make sure it's still holding securely.

Even if your home has not been battered by an unusually strong storm, it's still a good idea to have your metal roof checked occasionally for missing nails and rust. A metal roof usually doesn't need much maintenance, but it's still good to check it occasionally so damaged areas can be repaired before they become bigger problems. Contact a roofer who offers metal roof repair for more information.


23 September 2019

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