3 Things You Need to Know About Applying an EPMS Liquid Coating


If you want to protect your roof, you are going to want to apply an elastomeric roof coating to your roof. This is a great way to protect your roof and keep your building safe. Before applying an EPMS coating to your roof, there are a few things you need to understand. 

Clean Roof Before Apply Coating

First, before you even think about applying the EPMS coating, you need a clean surface to work with. Walk on your roof and pick up all the large debris, such as tree branches, and remove them. Then, get out a broom and sweep away the smaller debris. You don't want to leave any small debris on your roof, as it will become permanently attached to your roof if it is still there when you spray on the roof coating.  

If your roof still looks dirty, get out the pressure washer and clean it. Just remember that if you use the pressure washer, you need to add some hours so that your roof can dry off before applying the coating. You will probably want to wait at least an entire day before applying the coating if you pressure wash the roof. That is why it can be a good idea to do this in advance.   

Check for Other Roofing Issues

As you clean up your roof, you need to check for other damage to your roof. If you notice any cracks in the roof, get them repaired. If you notice the roof blistering, fix it. If the slant on the roof is not right, adjust it.  

You want any other roofing issues to be taken care of before you apply the coating. You want to have a strong base roof as the coating is designed to last for decades, and you don't want underlying roofing issues to ruin the new coating you are putting on the roof.  

Be Careful When You Apply the Roof Coating

You need to be careful about when you apply the coating to your roof. You want to apply the coating to a dry roof, not a wet roof. Don't apply it right after it rains, or when rain is expected soon in the forecast. Avoid moisture when applying a roof coating for the best application.  

These are a few things to consider before applying an EPMS coating. Talk to commercial roofing contractors to learn more about how to protect and maintain your roof.


27 September 2019

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