Do You Need Foundation Repair?


When your foundation is failing, you should have the ability to have this integral part of your home fixed. Failure to repair the foundation can result in a home that is less than ideal, which can also reduce the structural soundness of the property while causing other damages as well. You can have your roofer or a basement foundation repair specialist check out your home to see if any foundation problems are existing, or you can use this checklist to help you out before calling an expert.

Do you have problems with your home's foundation? Use this guide to assist you. Remember: to stay within the guidelines of your home's property value, current assessment, to pass inspection, and to ensure you are not violating any city or local codes or ordinances in your area, make sure all the repairs you have done to your home's foundation are completed by a licensed specialist. Here are signs you need foundation repair on your home.

You see cracks or peeling paint on walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings that have cracks or chipped paint may be showing signs of a weakened or shifting foundation. While homes naturally settle with time as the earth shifts, you should not notice any real increasing cracks or crevices or other blemishes in the home unless your foundation is taking a turn for the worst.

You have had heavier than usual rainfall

You should notice any changes in your foundation following a flood or heavy rainfall, which can affect the way your home sits on its natural foundation. This is especially the case if you have a basement where water can get in or if you have a compromised gutter system. You should have your basement inspected for any type of water damage following a storm.

You have had foundation issues in the past

Have you had to have support beams put underneath your home to give your property greater support and balance? Does your home feel like it's tilting one direction or another and is in need of more repairs? If your home's foundation has already undergone some repairs, then you may have unfinished work that has to be done. You may also simply have a foundation that will always need to be monitored because of the type of soil or location your home rests on.

Whether you are worried about foundation repair or not, you should have your home periodically inspected by a licensed specialist. This way, you do your part to keep your home in great condition.

For more information, contact a foundation repair service in your area.


4 October 2019

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