Why Your New Brand Roof Could Fail


If you are having a brand new roof put on your home, you may be more at ease while thinking that your roof will be problem-free for the foreseeable future. However, a brand new roof doesn't mean that it will be without problems. A brand new roof is likely to fail if there are problems that have not been addressed.

Bad Installation

Preventing roof failure starts with the quality of the installation. Insulation problems can happen if you are attempting a DIY roof replacement and are not sure what you are doing. It can even happen if you hire a roofing contractor that isn't certified and doesn't have the training necessary to install a roof. Any money that you attempt to save on your roof installation could be lost if you have the roof fail shortly after the installation.

Bad Ventilation

Every roof needs ventilation in order for the materials to stay in good condition. All of that heat and moisture can get trapped within the attic which has a chain reaction that can cause negative effects on your roof. For instance, bad ventilation can lead to ice dams during the winter, which causes shingles to rise off the surface of the roof and cause a leak. Trapped moisture can lead to mold growth on wood surfaces underneath the roof, which eventually leads to wood rot.

Bad Materials

The quality of the materials is just as important as the quality of the installation. This extends from the shingles themselves all the way to the water barriers and sealants. You do not want to go with cheap materials that break down much earlier than your roof does since you likely won't be noticing those failed materials until there is a problem that is very noticeable.

Bad Flashing Install

Flashing plays a key role in keeping water out of your home. If the flashing is not installed correctly during the installation, you could get water that is leaking underneath your roofing material and causing damage to the roof deck. A quality flashing installation starts with good material but extends to how it is installed. All gaps need to be eliminated with the flashing so that the water rolls off the surface and flows down to your gutters.

These are just a few reasons that your roof can fail after installation. Be sure to work with quality roofing companies in your area to ensure that the job is done correctly.


10 October 2019

Roofing Fundamentals: What To Know Before Replacement

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