Common Problem Areas For Residential Roofs


A modern roof will be designed and constructed so as to be extremely resilient. Regardless of these changes, there are still some areas of roofs that will be more prone to being damaged.

The Areas Around Your Chimneys

The chimney for the fireplace will be essential for preventing dangerous fumes from collecting in the home. However, the chimney can also represent a weak spot in the roof. More precisely, the roof can suffer water damage from moisture entering between the gaps between the chimney and the roof.

Any Joints

Any joints in the roof can be another potential weak spot that may be vulnerable to suffering problems. Leaks can be one of the most common issues for this part of the roof as the joints can gradually spread as the roof ages. This can open a small gap that moisture will be able to enter through. If your roof develops this problem, a roofing contractor can seal the joint so that the leak will be stopped. Luckily, repairing this particular problem is a minor issue that should not pose major disruptions or expenses as long as the repair is done before the joint starts to develop rot.

Along The Gutters

The gutters are designed to protect the roof and home from the runoff that occurs during heavy rain. However, improper maintenance of the gutters can also lead to them potentially contributing to problems for the roof. This results from water backing up along the gutters where it will be able to rot the shingles and roof supports. Furthermore, this can also contribute to runoff from the gutters causing problems for the siding of the home and even the foundation. Proper maintenance is the most effective way of avoiding these problems, but this will require the homeowner to commit to cleaning the gutter at least every change of season.

Lower Areas Of The Roof

Depending on the design of your home's roof, there may be some areas of the structure that are simply lower than the rest. During the winter months, these lower areas can develop deep snow accumulations that will put considerable weight on the roof. In extreme cases, it can cause the roof to collapse, which could lead to extensive property damage and injuries. Investing in a roof rake or a roof thawing system can allow you to stop these accumulations from forming. If you choose a roof rake, ensure that it is long enough to reach these portions of the roof as it may do little good if you leave much of the snow.

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22 October 2019

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