3 Roof Material Options You Might Consider For Your Residential Property


After you've owned a home for a couple of decades, your roof may get pretty banged up. It may be to the point where a roof replacement is absolutely necessary. If this is true, then you need to decide on a roofing material. There are a couple of good options worth considering for your property today.

Asphalt Shingle

It would be pretty hard to drive around your neighborhood and not find asphalt shingles on people's roofs. There's a reason why you see it so often, and that's because of its affordability. Asphalt shingle is one of the most cost-effective material options for residential properties at this current time. 

Asphalt shingle is also one of the easier materials to put on a roof. Thus, the installation process won't take as long, and you could potentially save even more money on professional labor. Just keep in mind that asphalt shingles aren't the most durable option. 


If you're looking for a roofing material that will hold up for many decades, then metal may be right up your alley. It's probably the most durable roofing material on the market. Whether it receives a lot of wind or hail, the metal will retain its structural integrity. This is nice from a repair perspective.

Since metal roofs are so durable, they don't require a lot of maintenance on your part. The only thing you'll really have to do as a homeowner is check for structural imperfections from time to time, and they won't be a chronic problem you have to deal with.

Clay Tile

There are a lot of beautiful roofing materials you have access to, but very few can offer the distinct aesthetics of clay tile. It's perfect if you're going for an eccentric or even Spanish aesthetic for your home's exterior.

If you live in an area that gets really hot, you'll be happy to know that clay tile is resistant to fires. It also won't get damaged in the slightest by insects, such as termites. This gives you peace of mind because you know your roof will hold up for many years to come. 

When it's finally time for a roof replacement, take time considering all of the great material options. There are so many today, and with ample consideration, you can make the right selection for your budget and particular roof. Just try thinking about what would work best for your long-term needs. 


14 November 2019

Roofing Fundamentals: What To Know Before Replacement

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