4 Tips to Help with the Choices of Wood Roofing Materials and Upkeep to Ensure They Last Longer Than Asphalt Shingles


If you are considering alternatives to asphalt shingles for a new roof installation, natural wood roofing is a good choice. The roofing can be in the form of hand-split shakes, shingles and specially treated materials for a durable roof. Once the shakes are installed, there is also upkeep and occasional repairs that will need to be done to keep your new wood roof in good condition. The following wood roof tips will help you choose the right materials and care for your new roof.

1. The Options of Wood Shakes and Shingles for The New Roof on Your Home

There are many different types of wood shakes and shingles to choose from for your new roof. The most common and oldest type of material is a hand-split shake, which is textured, and every shake is unique. There are also choices of shingles that are milled from wood materials, which are uniform in size, shape, and texture. In addition to the choices of different types of shakes, there is also the type of wood, which is commonly cedar, but you may want to consider alternatives like white oak and other woods that are native to the area where you live.

2. Choosing Different Types of Treated Roof Shake Materials for More Durable Wood Roofing

There are also several different types of treated roof shake materials that you may want to consider for your home. The first is a shake material that is pressure treated to help prevent problems with fungus and rot of the wood roof materials. The other type of treatment that you may want to consider is a treatment with fire-retardant to help protect the wood roofing from dry weather and fire.

3. Keeping Your Wood Roof Clean and Maintaining Your Roof to Ensure It Lasts Longer Than Shingles Would

Wood roofs are also susceptible to damage due to dirt and debris that collects on them, which is why it is especially important to keep shake roofs clean. Therefore, you want to make sure to do seasonal cleaning and maintenance. Make sure to clean the buildup of dirt and grime that collects in the cracks between shakes and in the wood grain.

4. Repair and Replace Shakes to Prevent Wear and Deal with Problems Due to Wear and Tear

One of the biggest parts of maintenance that needs to be done for your shake roof is replacing worn and damaged shakes. Sometimes, these problems are simply due to common wear and tear, but you also need to replace missing shakes that have fallen off or that have been damaged in severe weather and high winds.

These tips will help you choose the right materials for a new wood roof for your home and deal with the upkeep that shake roofs need. If you are ready to add a new wood roof to your home, contact a residential roofing contractor and talk to them about the best choice of wood materials for your home. They can help you with the residential roof installation.


26 November 2019

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