Commercial Roofing Contractors, Residential Roofing, And The Options For Your Business Or Home


All roofs are not the same. Commercial roofing contractors and residential roofing contractors typically service and install a variety of products. If you're not sure what type of roof your business or home needs, take a look at the most common options for both commercial and residential properties.

Metal Roofing

Made from aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or other types of metals, this roofing material is a popular commercial pick. Metal typically has a high fire-resistance rating. This makes it an attractive option for businesses that want to protect against this risk.

Even though you may often see this building material used commercially, it's also a residential choice. Along with fire resistance, metal adds to the overall aesthetic. The visually stunning sheen of a metal roof catches the eyes of clients and also makes it a choice among homeowners.

Whether you choose metal as a commercial or residential roofing option, the contractor may need to coat it with a protective layer. This adds to the durability, reduces the likelihood of rust or corrosion, and extends the roof's lifespan.

Rubber Roofing

Like metal, rubber is a material used in commercial and residential roofing projects. This type of product is best used on a flat roof. Even though some homes have a flat roof design, a low- or no-pitch roof is more commonly found in commercial structures.

While rubber doesn't have the aesthetic qualities of metal, it is an inexpensive and durable choice. If you want to keep the elements out, protect your business or home, and have a tight budget to stick to, rubber is an option to seriously consider.

Asphalt Shingles

This popular roofing material is something you're more likely to see on a residential roof. Known for easy installation, inexpensive materials cost, and durability, asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors to meet almost any home's exterior aesthetic needs. This type of material may not have the right look for a commercial space and won't work for a flat roof.

Wooden Shingles

If you have a residential roofing project, wooden shakes or cedar shingles provide an outdoorsy look to your home. Like asphalt shingles, wood and cedar products are more often used for residential projects—and not for commercial buildings. But if you have a cabin-like commercial building or want to achieve a rustic-chic look, talk to a commercial roofing contractor about your wood/cedar options.

From metal and rubber commercial products to asphalt and wood residential materials, you have choices when it comes to your new roof. The professional can help you make an informed decision that benefits your business or beautifies your home. For more information, contact a residential or commercial roofing contractor in your area.


2 December 2019

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