Emergency Roof Repairs Your Home May Need Due To Damage From Animals Or A Storm


Roof damage develops slowly sometimes when there's a small leak that causes wood to rot. Other times, roof damage is sudden and severe, as happens during a storm or fire. When there's trouble with your roof, you want repairs done as quickly as possible, and in some cases, you may even need emergency help. Here are things a roofer might be able to do in an emergency situation.

Place A Tarp Over The Damaged Area

A roofing contractor has to consider the safety of the crew when deciding when to start work on your roof. You might need to wait until a storm system has passed until work can begin, so one type of emergency roof repair that might be done is to put a tarp over the roof. The tarp covers the damaged area so rain won't cause water damage. This allows you a little more time to consider your actions when it comes to getting repairs done. You won't have to worry about water damage, but your roof will still be in bad shape, so repairs should be done as quickly as they can be arranged.

Patch A Hole From An Animal

When you get a new roof put on, the process can be long and involved. It can take weeks for the actual work to begin. Roof repairs are usually different. Repairs are done more quickly so the amount of damage to your home is controlled. One roof problem you may encounter is a hole along the side or top of the roof that's made by rats or raccoons. Holes made by raccoons can be quite large, and those need to be plugged quickly to keep out rain and to block animals from getting in your attic. The roofer may need to cover the hole with a metal sheet or cut out the damaged area and put in new decking so that there are no leaks or openings to your attic.

Replace Missing Shingles

One of the most common types of roof repair you'll need is to have shingles replaced. While missing shingles isn't as much of an emergency as a tree limb that's crashed through the roof, you still want the shingles replaced as soon as possible to keep out rain. There is underlayment under the shingles that protects against rain, along with wood decking. A missing shingle may not cause a water leak right away, but it allows water to collect on the sheathing and deck, which could lead to mold and rotting over time. The sooner you call for repairs, the better protected your home will be from water damage.

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6 December 2019

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