Six Things That Need To Be Done To Keep A Commercial Metal Roof In Good Shape


Metal is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials out there because of the practical, simple, and affordable nature of metal roofs.

If you're having a metal roof installed on your commercial facility, you need to be aware of the maintenance it will require so that you can keep it in good shape over time. The following are six things that need to be done to keep a commercial metal roof in good shape.

Keep people off the roof

Unless your roof was specifically designed to be walked on, you should keep people and heavy items off your roof. Don't use your roof for storage unless it was specifically designed to regularly support heavy weights. 

If you need to walk on your roof for whatever reason, discuss the possibility of having walk pads installed on it with your commercial roofing contractor.

Inspect for and repair leaks

If leaks are not located and corrected quickly, they are likely to expand over time and lead to more extensive damage. Find out the source of water leaking into the interior of your building.

Even small leaks can lead to extensive and costly water damage on a building's interior. If your metal roof allows for a significant amount of pooling water to accumulate and leaks are present, your roof could even experience structural problems and collapse in severe cases. 

Clean the roof surface

One of the most simple and important maintenance tasks for commercial metal roofs is removing any debris from the roof service. Debris such as leaves, vegetation, and animal nests accumulates on a metal roof over time and needs to be removed.

If you don't clean off your roof periodically, the load on top of it can become heavy and weaken your roof's structure. Also, neglecting to clean your roof can lead to aesthetic issues if your roof starts to look dirty.

Trim branches above the roof

If you have trees growing up above your commercial roof, you need to keep an eye on their branches. Branches could break off, fall down on your roof, and cause impact damage. Therefore, it's a good idea to trim them back periodically to make sure they are not hanging over your roof precariously. 

Look for and remove rust

One unfortunate drawback of metal is that it is susceptible to rust development. You need to look out for rust and treat rust where possible to prevent it from spreading and causing damage.

Inspect for weak spots

You should have regular inspections performed on your roof by a commercial roofing contractor. During these inspections, your roofer can look out for weak spots that indicate structural problems developing in your roof. These weak spots should be corrected right away to keep the roof in good shape.

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19 December 2019

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