How an Installer Ensures Safety and Cleanliness During Roofing Tear Off


Installing a new roof is a process that takes time, effort, and the knowledge of a professional. For this reason, you will need to contact roofing installers to assist you. These installers will need to tear off the old roof first. This happens with a safe process that keeps your property clean and protected. Keep reading to learn what they will do during the tear off to ensure this.

Roof Jack and Plywood Placement

The shingle removal process will begin at the top roof ridge due to the way the shingles are layered on top of one another. And, shingles that are ripped off the roof can cascade down the slope and onto your lawn. This can be quite dangerous if anyone happens to be walking underneath. To prevent injuries, your installers will secure a barrier at the bottom edge of the roof. The barrier is a large piece of plywood or a two by four that is attached to roof jacks. A roof jack is essentially a large bracket with a flat base, a J-shaped attachment, and an angled ledge. The jack is angled at 45 degrees for attachment to the roof deck and so the secured wood board can sit flat. The jack is nailed directly into the roof using long roofing nails and several of the attachments are lined up along the edge to create the barrier. While the attachment of the jacks will require the creation of new holes in the decking, these openings will be covered by the new shingles added during the installation process.

Dumpster Rental and Magnetic Nail Retriever

Shingles are carefully removed in sections or strips with the assistance of a crowbar. This tool is used to release the four or six roofing nails secured to each shingle. The shingles are then scooped up with a shovel and thrown into a rented dumpster. This dumpster serves a few different purposes. It allows for the safe removal and collection of the roofing shingles and it also allows for weighing of the shingles during the final disposal process. This is necessary since you will need to pay for removal costs based on shingle weight.

Another item used by the roofer during the tear off process is called a nail retriever. The device is a magnetic tool that is used to collect any nails that have fallen off the roof and have collected in the bushes and greenery around the edge of your home. This helps to prevent anyone in your home from inadvertently stepping on a nail. can always click here for more info.


12 August 2020

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