3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Standing Seam Roofing


Whether you have decided to replace your old and leaky roofing or need a suitable metal residential roof for your newly built house, it is crucial to ensure your investment is worthwhile. But with so many roofing options in the market today, making a choice can be difficult. Either way, you need to find a way to narrow down your choice between a corrugated roof and standing seam roofing by looking at the many options these two categories offer.

Most people today prefer investing in standing seam roofing installation due to the vast benefits they'll get. This type of roofing is known for its distinctive vertical patterns, which most residential, commercial, and agricultural property owners find attractive. Usually, they cover entire roofing systems, verandas, bay windows, porches, and dormers. Here are some benefits you'll get when you hire a residential roofing contractor to install this type of metal roofing.

1. You Won't Worry About Visible Fasteners 

Most of the metal roofing installed today comes with exposed fasteners. The fastener heads give the roof an unsightly appearance. Besides, when the fasteners are exposed to environmental elements like wind, moisture, and UV rays constantly, they wear and fail sooner than later. All these issues will be avoided when you install a standing seam roof as it has no visible fasteners on the surface.

2. You Will Enhance Security

Another reason why people install standing seam roofs is improved security. A steel mesh layer is usually installed under the panels, making it impossible for anyone to cut through. Even without the steel mesh, metal roofing panels are robust, so no one can easily cut through them.

3. You Are Assured of Getting Value

When you install a standing seam roof, you are assured of its longevity and lifecycle. By design, metal roof panels are built to last regardless of the weather conditions. Besides, no fasteners will penetrate the metal, so the longevity of the roofing will be guaranteed. All you need to do is hire a roofing contractor to perform regular maintenance to verify if the panels are loose, withdrawn, or have damaged fasteners underneath the roofing.

The roofing materials also come in various sizes, designs, and finishes, so you will get to choose what you like to enhance your home's curb appearance. The unique paint system also extends the longevity of the roof.

Even though metal roofing systems come in different forms, it's impossible to overlook the uniqueness of standing seam roofing. Just ensure a professional roofing contractor handles the installation process, and you will enjoy these outlined benefits and more.


23 February 2021

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