4 Tricks To A Long Lasting Wood Shake Roof


If you're searching for roofing products with both aesthetic and function, wood shakes are often at the top of the list. Wood shakes, with their natural finishes and textures, are one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofing materials available. But they provide more than just surface beauty — they're also energy-efficient and long-lasting, typically about 30 years. However, the key to extending the life of your lovely wood shake roof is proper installation and maintenance.  

Proper Installation

The key to a wood shake roof that will last for decades is the installation. You need to make sure to hire roofing contractors with a lot of experience and expertise in installing wood shake roofs. Because the product has specific ventilation and support requirements, you really need a roofer who knows what these requirements are. Do your research to find the right roofer. Without proper ventilation, your roof may warp and degrade much faster than necessary.  

Clear Organic Debris

The best way to extend the life of your wood shake roof is by preventing contact with other organic materials like overhanging branches, leaves, and plants. Contact with these materials may result in improper ventilation and inevitably mold growth. One particular problem to watch out for is climbing plants. While lovely plants like English ivy may look charming when they blanket a house and roof, they can cause extensive and expensive damage to the structures underneath.  

Prevent Mold Growth

Part of the appeal of a wood shake roof is the beautiful natural aesthetic. But the natural quality of wood is also what requires maintenance. Without proper prevention, mold growth can cause deterioration. Fortunately, there are steps you can take. One method is having your roofing contractor install zinc or copper flashing strips on sections of the roof. When rain and moisture reach these strips, the runoff from the zinc and copper coats the shakes, preventing mold growth. Another option is a chemical mold growth prevention treatment. You can pick these products up from any home improvement store and then easily apply them by attaching the product to a garden hose.   

Power Washing

Another great way to increase longevity is to have your roof cleaned regularly. Power washing the roof every one to five years will help clear away grime, mineral buildup, and other products that can cause rot, deterioration, and mold growth. However, it's vital that this is done by a professional because improper power washing can damage the shingles and cause water penetration.

Contact a local roof contractor to get more tips and tricks.


18 March 2021

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