Top 4 Benefits Of Roof Replacement


Your roof has served you well for the last decades. But lately, you may have noticed there's a lot of water that leaks inside the house when it rains. Unfortunately, leaking water could damage both the interior parts of your roof and your valuables. As such, it's time to do an entire roof replacement. Apart from protecting you from elements, are you aware of the other benefits of roof replacement? Read on to learn more. 

1. Helps You Save Energy

If your current roof has holes or cracks, a lot of energy is lost. For instance, you may have to crank your AC every time in order to have a comfortable home for you and your family. In the process, your energy costs keep on soaring high. 

After the roof replacement, you won't have to worry about holes or cracks anymore. Thanks to the immense advancements made in manufacturing and design shingles, cooling also won't be a problem in your home. Modern shingles are designed to reflect rather than absorb the sun's light rays. 

2. Promotes Curb Appeal

Realtors estimate that your roof replacement contributes to about 40% of your property's curb appeal. That sagging roof with missing shingles doesn't do you any favors when it comes to the overall aesthetic value of your home. 

With a new roof, your home's curb appeal significantly improves. If you place your property on the market, prospective buyers will be willing to pay more because it's pleasing to their eyes and a good sign that the house is well taken care of. 

3. Ensures Your Safety

An old sagging roof is more harmful than you think. Whenever there's a heavy snowfall or thunderstorm, there's always that fear the roof may collapse and cause severe damage. And the mold that overgrows on your old roof also contains harmful bacteria that can compromise your health.

Fortunately, a new roof gives you an assurance that you're safe even when there's a heavy downpour or strong winds.

4. Eliminates Costly Surprises

With an old roof, there's always a possibility an urgent repair need might happen when you least expect it. It could be a leak, a missing shingle, a blocked gutter, fascia damage, or any other issue. When these emergencies happen, you're forced to address them even if they were not in your budget plan. 

If you do a roof replacement, you can rest easy knowing that there won't be any urgent roof repair needs for a considerable amount of time. You'll only need regular roof maintenance, and that's it. For more information, contact a roof replacement company. 


5 April 2021

Roofing Fundamentals: What To Know Before Replacement

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