Roofing Replacement Fundamentals: Things You Need To Consider


When it comes to roofing replacement, there are a lot of factors to consider. You'll need to talk with your roofing contractor about a lot of details, including the type of roofing material, the scope of the work, and many other factors. If you have discovered that your home needs a new roof, there are some things that you should know going into the process. Here is a look at some of the things that you need to consider as you get ready for your roof replacement.

Do You Need A Full Removal Or Just A Roof-Over?

One of the first things that you need to determine when you are preparing for a roof replacement is whether you need a complete roof removal or if you can just cover the existing roof with the new roofing materials.

There are a few factors that will directly affect this decision. First, you'll need to think about how many roofing layers there are on the roof currently. If there is already more than one layer, you'll need to have the existing roof completely removed. Additionally, if there's any reason to suspect damage within the sublayers of the roof, you'll have to have the existing roof fully removed to address those issues as well.

However, if the roof is in generally decent condition with no leaks, and there's only one roofing layer on it, you may be able to simply have the new roofing material applied over the top of the existing one.

What Kind Of Roofing Do You Want?

Even if you've already decided that you're sticking with shingle roofing, you still have some roofing material considerations. With shingle roofing, you'll need to decide how thick you want the shingles, what color you want them to be, and what type of shingles you prefer. 

Alternatively, you may be thinking about changing the roofing material completely. Take some time to talk with your roofing contractor about the roofing material options available to you based on your home's structure and climate. That way, you can choose the one that's the best fit for your situation.

Will You Get Any Kind Of Roofing Warranty?

When you are evaluating the roofing contractors for your project, one of the things you need to ask each one is what kind of warranty you'll have on that roof. In most cases, you'll automatically have a warranty on the brand-new roofing materials extended by the manufacturer. 

However, you also want to have a warranty extended on the work itself by your roofing contractor. Make sure that you understand what that warranty covers and how it will be enforced.


9 April 2021

Roofing Fundamentals: What To Know Before Replacement

When it came time to install a new roof on my home, I had no idea where to start. In fact, I was exploring roofing options that were a really poor fit in my climate. It wasn't until I reached out to a local roofer that I got some lessons on how to choose the right roofing material for my home and the weather exposure it is subjected to. I built this site to share my journey, including the mistakes I made and the things that I learned along the way. If you are considering replacing your home's roof, I hope that the information here can help to guide you through the process.