How Do Roofers Go About a Complete Roof Replacement? Learn the Steps


Has your roof lasted beyond its expected lifespan? Then it is time to budget for a roof replacement. But since replacing a roof is a costly endeavor, you may hold back from it. However, with proper planning, the process will be seamless and end within the scheduled time frame. And if you are stuck on how to go about this exercise, consult an experienced roofing contractor. Typically, these are the steps to follow during a residential roofing system replacement project. 

Delivery of Materials

Before you embark on this exercise, you must ensure that all the materials the contractor will use are delivered to your residence. Keeping these materials in a safe and dry place not far from the site is crucial. Your contractor will inspect the site one day before the operation to see if all the materials are on-site. Also, before the operation commences, it's courteous to inform your neighbors about the project.

Bring Down the Old Roof

The old roof should be torn down to pave the way for the new one. Essentially, you should tear off the roof one section at a time. So first, ensure that you remove all the old materials, including tiles and shingles. This process should go on until the inner deck is fully exposed. Once the roofer removes the old roofing material, they will check the deck's condition to see if any areas need to be repaired. Besides the deck, they will examine the gutters and clean or repair them if necessary. 

New Roof Installation

An inspection of the support structures of the old roof is necessary before the installation exercise kicks off. And if you are installing a metal or shingle roof, the contractor will first apply an underlayment to waterproof the home. Then, they will begin to install the new materials. This process should be completed systematically, beginning from the bottom edges and moving upwards.

Clean Up and Inspection

Once the contractor has completed the installation process, they will remove the debris around the construction site. At the tail end of the project, they will check the newly installed roof to confirm if it adheres to the building codes in your locality. Furthermore, the inspection ensures that the structure is strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Understanding the roof replacement process will enable you to prepare adequately. But remember that residential roofing system replacement is an intricate process best handled by a roofing contractor. They will follow the required procedure to ensure a seamless and pocket-friendly project.


15 August 2022

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