4 Complications Caused By Leaking Commercial Roofs


The commercial roof plays a vital role in protecting your business. It doesn't matter the type of facility you operate, the bottom line is that you need to maintain the well-being of the roof. This is the only guarantee that the structure will continue to perform optimally. But, commercial roofs are not immune to leakage issues. The tiny holes that develop on the roof structure can turn into serious roof damage if left unattended, allowing water to seep through the structure and cause other problems. Here are some of the issues you will experience if your roof leaks.

Wood Decay

If the wood that makes up the roof structure is exposed to mold and water, it will become spongy and rot. This compromises the roof's structural integrity, and it can collapse. In addition, if the degradation is so severe, repairs may not fix the problem. As a result, you may have no option but to replace the trusses and rafters. This expensive repair project can easily be avoided through proper maintenance.

Mold Growth

When it comes to any roofing structure, water can be a significant threat. Besides, living organisms like mold need water, food, and air to grow. That said, the standing water on the rooftop provides a conducive environment for mold to grow and multiply. Also, exposure to mold can cause various health problems. For example, when you inhale the spores, you may suffer from respiratory problems such as coughs. Thus, it would be best if you did everything possible to fix the leaks to prevent mold growth.

Compromised Integrity

Even the most robust roof is susceptible to water damage. If the water runs down and meets the structure's foundation, it will begin to degrade. This will create structural problems that will compromise its integrity. If you ignore roof leaks, you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket to fix the structural issues.

Damaged Insulation

Your insulation can easily get damaged if you have a leaking roof. If the water finds its way to the insulation, it will collapse the air pockets. These pockets play a critical role in reducing heat loss. Therefore, the insulation will not perform optimally if the air pockets collapse. In this case, the utility bills will be high. In addition, you may be forced to budget for a complete insulation replacement to fix this issue.

If your commercial roof leaks, you will experience one or more of these issues. The good news is a reputable roof repair contractor can fix the leakage issue. Therefore, you should hire them to initiate repairs as soon as possible.

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6 October 2022

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