3 Common Residential Roofing Issues And How To Address Them


Even though your home's roof is built to withstand daily exposure to inclement external elements, it may develop problems at some point. When this happens, you need to do timely repairs to prevent more serious damage to your roof and avoid expensive repairs.

While the specific issues you might experience with your residential roofing system depend on the type of roof you have, you should watch out for these common roofing issues to protect your home and maximize your roof's durability.

Roof Leaks

While performing regular roof maintenance is the best way to prevent roof leaks, neglect isn't the only reason your roof may develop leaks. Multiple factors including age, damaged or missing roof covering material, clogged gutters, loose or missing fixings, severe weather, and walking or placing equipment on your roof can result in a leaky roof.

If you see signs of a roof leak in your home, you should find and fix the leaks immediately. Delaying roof leak repairs can have a devastating impact on your home and family, as the penetrating water may cause extensive property damage and create unsafe living conditions in your household.

Ponding Water On Your Roof

Your gutters are a crucial part of your roof's drainage system. As rainwater trickles down your roof, it collects at the gutters and travels downwards via the downspouts attached to the walls of the house. The gutter downspouts direct the water into a French drain or a water storage tank for future use.

If rainwater remains on your roof after it rains, your gutters may be clogged. Clogged gutters prevent rainwater from passing through, causing it to just sit on your roof and build up.

Cleaning your gutters should help remove accumulated debris from your gutters, allowing the water to pass through freely again. 

Algae Growth On Your Roof

If you're seeing dark streaks on your roof, the algae collecting and growing over time may be responsible for those unsightly stains. If left unaddressed, the algae can spread and detract from the initial appearance of your roof. Algae growth also weakens your roof covering material, reducing its durability. 

Cleaning your roof to remove algae will improve the appearance of your roof, prolong its life, and delay the need for a costly roof replacement.

Your roof protects your home and family from extreme weather conditions, so you should act fast when you spot the first signs of trouble. Contact a roofing service near you to learn more. 


31 October 2022

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