Small Upgrades You Can Make During A Shingle Roof Replacement


If your shingle roof is looking worn and starting to leak, then it is certainly time for a shingle roof replacement. You could opt to simply have your roofer strip off the old shingles and replace them, in kind, with new shingles. However, you may want to take a little more advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your roof. You don't have to switch over to a higher-end roofing material like tile or metal if that's not in your budget. But, if you stick with shingles, you may want to consider some of these small upgrades.

Architectural Shingles

Was your old roof made from standard, 3-tab shingles? These still exist, but they are not as common as they once were. These days, most people are opting for architectural shingles instead. These shingles, which have "leaves" in a variety of sizes, add more textural interest to your roof. They also tend to shed water and snow more effectively, and they often last longer. Ask your roofer to show you some architectural shingle options, and consider upgrading from 3-tab shingles.

A Ridge Vent

If your old roof did not have a vent along the ridge, this is something to strongly consider asking your roofer to add. A ridge vent stretches the length of your roof ridge. It allows any heat that accumulates in the roof peak to exit through the vent. This way, less heat passes through the shingles themselves. A ridge vent, therefore, helps your shingles last longer; they experience less deterioration with less heat passing through them.

You will also see fewer ice dams on the edges of roofs that have ridge vents. Ice dams are those big formations of ice that appear when snow has been melting near your roof peak. They can cause shingles at the edge of your roof to peel. Preventing them with a ridge vent is a good choice for the longevity of your shingle roof.

Flashings in the Valleys

Some roofers put flashing in all roof valleys by default, but if your roofer does not, then you want to ask for this upgrade. Flashing is metal sheeting. If you have flashing in your roof valleys, they will be lined with metal sheets. Water tends to flow towards and down the valleys, so adding metal in these areas helps protect the shingles from water damage.

Making the small upgrade above will help keep your new shingle roof in good shape for longer. Talk to your roofer about these and other possibilities. For more information on a shingle roof replacement, contact a professional near you.


3 January 2023

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