How To Fix A Hole In Your Shingled Roof


Shingle roofs can be very durable. But sometimes even the best roofs end up being punctured. If your roof has a hole in it, you'll want to have it addressed as quickly as possible by a residential roofing service. 

Identifying a Hole in Your Roof

A puncture is a hole in a roof that is usually caused by trees, animals, hail, or a variety of other problems. If you notice that your roof is leaking and your energy bills are very high, a hole in your roof might be the culprit. In extreme cases, a hole might even allow light to shine through.

Figuring Out Why Your Roof Is Being Punctured

If you live in a windy area, strong winds can cause your roof to become punctured because the winds will blow debris on your roof. The strong winds can also rip shingles off and leave your roof vulnerable to damage. The wind might also be causing hailstones to strike your roof with a greater velocity. While they are small, hailstones can cause a lot of damage.

Animals can sometimes cause damage to the roof while searching for a way into your home. They can rip off shingles and chew into the decking creating a hole in your roof.

If you have recently climbed on your roof, you might have punctured it. For example, you might have dropped a tool and accidentally punctured your shingled roof.

Saving Your Home

In some cases, a punctured roof is an emergency. For example, if the electrical wiring has been punctured, you will need to contact an emergency roof repair service because your family might be in danger. But even if your home wiring isn't damaged, a punctured roof is not something to ignore.

Fixing Your Roof

A shingle roofing company will climb onto your roof and use a pry bar to lift the shingles off so they can inspect the damaged area. They might need to cut the tar paper out with a utility knife. The roofer will need to inspect the roof decking to determine the extent of the damage.

The roofer must determine how much new decking they will have to put in place to replace the damaged materials. They will nail the patch in place. Then, they will spread roof tar over the seams of the patch. They must then cut and fit tar paper into place. Finally, the roofer will nail the shingles back into place and spread roofing tar over them. Then, your roof will be fully repaired.

Contact a local roofing service, such as Pelican Roofing, to learn more. 


10 February 2023

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