Tips For Post-Hurricane Roof Repair


After a hurricane, it can be a huge relief to find that your home is still standing. But often, even if your home is in overall good shape, it will have some roof damage. Here are some key tips to follow as you go about having your roof repaired post-hurricane.

Contact your insurance company first

In hurricane-prone areas, insurance companies tend to be pretty picky. They pay out a lot of claims in these areas, and they don't want to pay more than they have to. Your insurance company may have requirements as to who can repair your roof, how the repairs need to be done, and what materials can and cannot be used. If you call the insurance company before you have any repairs made, they'll tell you what is required and you can be sure to follow those requirements. This way, you won't risk having your claim denied because repairs are made in the "wrong" way or by a roofing company that does not meet your insurer's requirements.

Check the condition of interior structures too

Don't just look at the outside of your roof to see what repairs it needs. Also, enter the attic space—or at least stick your heat up there and take a look around. Any water damage you see is likely due to roof leaks and roof damage. But note whether there is any damaged insulation, cracks in the roof deck/attic ceiling, or loose vents. These are problems that roofers can usually address, so bring them up to your roofer.

Don't assume your roof should not be replaced

If you call a roofer out and specifically ask them to repair your roof, they will generally oblige. But you might be better off asking them whether you should repair or replace the roof. Sometimes, a roof problem might look minor, but repairing it will take more time or materials than you'd assume. A replacement might be similar in cost, especially if your roof is already a little old and worn. Plus, replacing the roof gives you an opportunity to make upgrades, which can better protect your roof against hurricanes in the future. A roofer can usually give you a quote for roof repair and for replacement, allowing you to choose the approach most in line with your budget and needs.

After a hurricane, following the tips above will help you do a better job of repairing your roof. Contact a local roofer to learn more about residential roof leak repairs.


16 February 2023

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