4 Interesting Things That Impact How Long A Commercial Roof Will Last


Commercial property owners have a variety of day-to-day duties. One of the most important things they have to keep in mind is safety. The roof on any structure offers protection, and roofing maintenance should be a priority for commercial property owners. A well-maintained roof can be expected to last its estimated life span. There are factors that can impact the longevity of roofing systems. The following points highlight a few factors that can impact the life span of a commercial roof.


Certain roofing materials are more durable than others and have a longer life expectancy. It is possible for a roofing material to have different ratings. The higher-rated products of the material are usually of better quality and may be expected to last longer than their counterparts. If it is time for a commercial roof replacement, property owners can discuss other material options with commercial roofers. This can help them make an informed decision about investing in a more durable option. Metal is considered one of the most durable roofing materials for commercial roofs. 


A roof that is not properly ventilated is likely to have moisture issues. Properties that are in humid areas must tend to ventilation issues so the roof doesn't fail prematurely from the excess heat. Properties also need to have adequate roof insulation to enhance ventilation. The two critical aspects of roof design coincide and can help to extend the life span of a commercial roofing system and lower energy bills.


Properly maintained commercial roofs usually last longer. There might be circumstances that occur which are out of the control of the property owner, such as inclement weather involving high winds. The weather events may cause damage to roofs. 

Climate and Weather

Certain roofing materials are prone to premature damage due to climatic temperatures or inclement weather. Rain, snow, hail, and heavy winds are common in certain areas. The type of roofing material installed may be prone to have a shorter life span under these circumstances. This is why it is ideal to discuss materials and compare them with commercial roofing contractors when it is time for a commercial roof replacement.

If severe weather occurs, property owners should be proactive and seek to get their roofs inspected for storm damage. Sometimes damages such as blown-off shingles are obvious, but hidden roof damages such as punctures from hail may also be present.

Commercial roofing contractors are a good resource for property owners to use to assess their roofs. They can inspect, make repairs if needed, and advise property owners on the estimated time to expect to need a commercial roof replacement.  

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6 March 2023

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