Emergency Residential Roof Services


Severe damage to a residential rooftop may warrant an emergency roof repair. Learn what types of issues are considered emergencies. Then, familiarize yourself with the procedures that are used during a service appointment.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are necessary when the interior of a structure is at risk of becoming damaged because of a compromised rooftop. A heavy tree limb that has fallen onto a rooftop or windy conditions could lead to shingles or other roofing materials becoming damaged.

If water leaks into a home as a result of the damage, an emergency service may be needed. If a fire damages roofing materials severely, this type of issue could also necessitate an emergency service.

An emergency service protects interior structures from moisture. As a result, property owners will be able to preserve the condition of their home's structure and their personal belongings.

The Procedure

When damage is detected, a property owner should contact their insurance provider. Then, they should consult with a contractor about the emergency service that is needed. A contractor who offers emergency services will typically respond quickly. They will make an appointment to assess the damage.

The inspection process detects the severity of the damage. It also indicates what type of repair materials will be needed to fix the rooftop. The contractor's findings will be outlined to the property owner. The property owner may choose to hire a contractor to make the repairs. In the meantime, the property owner can request a temporary fix.

A Temporary Fix

A temporary fix will cover exposed parts of the rooftop. The contractor's objective will be to block precipitation and debris from entering a residence. They can do this in various ways. First, they will take measurements of the area that is damaged. They will then decide which type of tarping system they will use to cover the exposed part of the rooftop.

A tarping system consists of a waterproof membrane. This membrane will act as a barrier. It will be secured directly to a rooftop. After the contractor has prepared a tarp that will be large enough to cover the exposed area, they may remove loose debris that is on the rooftop. Then, they will use materials to anchor the tarping system to the roof.

Once the temporary repair is made, the contractor will prepare a proposal that will cover the cost of the new roofing materials that will be needed to permanently repair the rooftop.

To learn more, contact a roofing contactor in your area.


13 June 2023

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