New Installation For A Severely Damaged Residential Roof


Are you torn between getting your roof repaired and investing in new roof installation? Even if you desire to just get the roof repaired, it might not be an option. If your roof is severely damaged, the only way to resolve the problem and safely live in your home is to get a new roof installed. For example, if your roof is soft and has caused a portion of your ceiling to deteriorate and fall down, it is a safety hazard. If a new roof is not installed as soon as possible, the entire roof is at risk of caving in.

What Causes a Residential Roof to Become Soft?

When a roof gets soft, it is due to long-term water exposure. For example, if your roof has been missing shingles for a while, rain caused the roof to deteriorate. Shingles are necessary because they are the barrier that makes it difficult for rain to damage the roof deck. Even if your roof has been missing one shingle for a long-time, it compromised the stability of the roof. Rainwater can easily move beneath other shingles when one is missing from the roof deck.

What Is the Safest Way to Install a New Roof?

Installing a new roof is not a safe job for a homeowner to perform. One of the safety hazards is working at a high height, as falling can cause serious injuries. Another safety hazard is walking across slopes which makes it easy to slip and fall. The safest way to get a new roof for your home is to hire a roofer while you sit back and relax. Roofers have experience working on roofs of various heights and designs. You also want to hire a roof for the project so the work can be completed with professionalism.

How Long Is Professional New Roof Installation?

When a new roof is professionally installed, the work is completed in a speedy fashion. More than one contractor will construct a new roof deck and install the other materials. You do not have to leave your home for the new roof to be installed, but you should be prepared for a lot of noise while the work is being completed. If you want to know how long the work is expected to last, you must ask a roofing contractor. The square footage of your roof, the number of slopes, and other factors play a role in the completion time.

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26 June 2023

Roofing Fundamentals: What To Know Before Replacement

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