Other Than Repairs And Replacements, What Other Services Do Roofing Companies Offer?


Although you might be forgiven for thinking that roofing repair and replacement work is all that roofing companies do, this isn't necessarily so. All over the US, people turn to professionals for services that go beyond roof replacements and mere repair work. What are the sorts of roofing services that you can obtain from a roofer these days? Read on to find out.

Preventive Maintenance

Inspections and proactive maintenance are key aspects of roof care today, one that is often neglected by homeowners. Roofing companies offer these services to help clients avoid more problematic issues that could result from a lack of basic maintenance. After all, extensive damage and the high costs associated with repairs to roofs can be avoided through preventive maintenance regimes. Roofers typically undertake sealant applications, flashing checks, and the removal of vegetation to keep roofs in good order. Equally, they'll check for minor damage or wear before they require repairs. By being more proactive and hiring roofers to check their roofs, homeowners and business premises owners alike can extend the lifespan of their roofs and prevent unnecessary water ingress.

Roof Inspection Services

Inspections often involve a thorough assessment of the condition of a roof but not necessarily for the owner. Unlike preventive maintenance, such an inspection might occur after a leak has occurred to establish whether or not the roof had been properly maintained. These might be requested by landlords or insurance companies, for example. During an inspection of this sort the roofer will be looking for signs of wear or damage, that may have led to the problem and, given the layout of the property, who might have been responsible for the upkeep in that area. or potential issues. Roofing inspections are also sometimes valuable before buying or selling a home. As such, they might be requested mortgage providers, for example, to establish the true valuation of a property.

Cleaning and Guttering Services

Roof cleaning is another important service provided by many roofing companies. Over time, roofs can become stained and covered in muck. Moss, algae, or lichen are all common in certain parts of the country. Regular roof cleaning will enhance the curb appeal of a building. It should also be considered to help extends the life of the roofing material. Furthermore, some roofers offer gutter cleaning services, typically if they are already working to clean a roof when accessing the rain gutters becomes that much easier. This sort of service usually means removing debris to clear blocked, or partially blocked, guttering.  

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29 June 2023

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