How To Fix A Hole In Your Shingled Roof


Shingle roofs can be very durable. But sometimes even the best roofs end up being punctured. If your roof has a hole in it, you'll want to have it addressed as quickly as possible by a residential roofing service.  Identifying a Hole in Your Roof A puncture is a hole in a roof that is usually caused by trees, animals, hail, or a variety of other problems. If you notice that your roof is leaking and your energy bills are very high, a hole in your roof might be the culprit.

10 February 2023

What Does A General Roof Repair Project Entail?


Many homeowners think hiring a roofer for roof repair is complicated and costly. For that reason, they take a DIY approach when repairing their roofs and make costly mistakes. However, working with experts is not as stressful and expensive as many think. Read on to learn what professional roof repair entails. 1. Searching and Hiring a Roofer Hiring experts is great if you want your roof to be fixed correctly. Therefore, you need to search for the best local roofer.

1 February 2023

Important Questions Are Answered About Roof Replacement


Patching up a hole to stop a leak is sometimes the only repair that is necessary to bring a roof back to a satisfactory condition. However, when there are multiple leaks and repairs must be made on a regular basis, making simple repairs is a waste of money. The reason is that a roof that constantly has to be repaired has likely been damaged to the extent of needing to be replaced altogether.

26 January 2023

Four Ways To Protect An Old Roof From Storm Damage


An aging roof will be more affected by stormy weather, but while you wait for a full replacement you can take different steps to help keep your roof safe from inclement weather and prevent any existing damage or effects of age from getting worse.  Install Tarp and/or Plywood If sections of your roof are weak or prone to leaking or other damage, you can add some temporary protection by installing a tarp and plywood on your roof.

19 January 2023

5 Ways Fastener Troubles Can Cause Leaks On A Metal Roof


Metal roofs aren't typically prone to leaks, but they aren't immune to them either. Often leaks occur at the weakest part of the roof, which on a metal roof is where the fasteners are driven into the panels.  1. Screw Misalignment  A properly inserted screw should be installed perpendicular to the roof panel slope. If the screw enters at an angle, there will be a gap on one side between the screw head and the roofing panel.

11 January 2023

Understanding The Parts Of Your Roof


It's time to pay attention to your roof before damage causes a major leak. If you would like to know more about your roof, you should start by understanding the different parts of the roof. If you would like to know more, keep reading. Shingles The shingles are the main line of defense against UV rays, rain, wind, snow, and debris. They are often made from asphalt shingles because of their low price, but other roofing shingles include:

9 January 2023

Small Upgrades You Can Make During A Shingle Roof Replacement


If your shingle roof is looking worn and starting to leak, then it is certainly time for a shingle roof replacement. You could opt to simply have your roofer strip off the old shingles and replace them, in kind, with new shingles. However, you may want to take a little more advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your roof. You don't have to switch over to a higher-end roofing material like tile or metal if that's not in your budget.

3 January 2023