Should You Choose Copper For Your New Roof?


There's no question that architectural sheet metal is on its way to being the hot new trend in roofing. Although it may not be traditional for residential properties, metal roofing offers a wide range of potential advantages. The many styles and materials available also mean that metal roofing options are available to fit most budgets and tastes. When it comes to the high-end, however, copper roofing is the king of the hill.

25 August 2020

How an Installer Ensures Safety and Cleanliness During Roofing Tear Off


Installing a new roof is a process that takes time, effort, and the knowledge of a professional. For this reason, you will need to contact roofing installers to assist you. These installers will need to tear off the old roof first. This happens with a safe process that keeps your property clean and protected. Keep reading to learn what they will do during the tear off to ensure this. Roof Jack and Plywood Placement

12 August 2020