Six Things That Need To Be Done To Keep A Commercial Metal Roof In Good Shape


Metal is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials out there because of the practical, simple, and affordable nature of metal roofs. If you're having a metal roof installed on your commercial facility, you need to be aware of the maintenance it will require so that you can keep it in good shape over time. The following are six things that need to be done to keep a commercial metal roof in good shape.

19 December 2019

Keeping Snow And Ice Off Your Roof While Keeping Your Holiday Lights On: A Handy Guide


Christmas lights and snow look so pretty together, especially when the lights are sparkling rainbow colors off the snow. When you put lights on your roof, you can enjoy the same effect, except that snow and ice on your roof is not exactly good for this part of your home. You want to keep the snow and ice to a bare minimum in order to protect your roof, and subsequently, the rest of your house.

16 December 2019

Is The New Year The Time For A New Roof?


If your roof is getting up there in years, you might be thinking about an eventual replacement. There's no time like the present to move forward with your roof replacement plans. Here are just some of the reasons why the New Year might be the perfect time to contact local roofing contractors about a new roof installation. Don't Keep Repairing When You Can Replace It's true that any one repair job is likely going to be much less expensive than the cost of installing a brand-new roof.

14 December 2019

3 Indoor Signs That Your Roof Is About To Fail


Nobody wants to find out that their roof is falling apart when the first major storm of the year hits. At that point, major damage can be done to your home and electrical system. As a result, you should perform a home inspection every year to ensure that your roof is ready for the wet months of the year. Here's how you can check your roof without leaving your house.

13 December 2019

Understanding 4 Basic Kinds of Roofing Projects


When doing business with a roofing contractor, it's a good idea to make sure you're both talking about the same thing when you discuss a project. To that end, you should familiarize yourself with the following four kinds of roofing jobs that are commonly done in the industry. Re-Roofing This is one of the most commonly performed projects. Rather than tearing all the materials off a roof, new materials are laid down on top of the existing one.

11 December 2019

Why Is a Metal Roof Ideal for Your Commercial Property?


Need a roof for your commercial property? While you may have more than enough options presented to you, metal is a great choice to go with when you are selecting a material. The metal material is well-known for lasting a long time and withstanding heavy winds, heavy snowfall, and even heavy rainstorms. If you would like to have more protection for the building while saving some money on repairs over the years, talk to the commercial roofer about getting the metal roof installed.

9 December 2019

Emergency Roof Repairs Your Home May Need Due To Damage From Animals Or A Storm


Roof damage develops slowly sometimes when there's a small leak that causes wood to rot. Other times, roof damage is sudden and severe, as happens during a storm or fire. When there's trouble with your roof, you want repairs done as quickly as possible, and in some cases, you may even need emergency help. Here are things a roofer might be able to do in an emergency situation. Place A Tarp Over The Damaged Area

6 December 2019

Get A Lot Of Rain And Snow? 2 Tips Make Sure Your Asphalt Roof Weathers These Conditions


If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow, this can wreak havoc on your asphalt roof. Once this happens, you will have many problems, the worse of which is your roof leaking. To help with this, below are two tips to make sure your roof weathers the rain and snow. Protect in the Summer During the summer months you may get a lot of rain, as well as high winds from spring and summer rain storms.

4 December 2019

Commercial Roofing Contractors, Residential Roofing, And The Options For Your Business Or Home


All roofs are not the same. Commercial roofing contractors and residential roofing contractors typically service and install a variety of products. If you're not sure what type of roof your business or home needs, take a look at the most common options for both commercial and residential properties. Metal Roofing Made from aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or other types of metals, this roofing material is a popular commercial pick.

2 December 2019

Wood Vs. Vinyl Roofing


Is it finally time to replace your roof because it was damaged during a storm? If so, take this opportunity to transform your shabby roof by replacing it with a modern roof with improved energy efficiency. If it seems like your home is becoming more and more expensive to heat and cool, a new roof is going to save you some cash. Whenever you're shopping for a new roofing material, you will see a lot of information about efficiency and heat transfer.

26 November 2019