3 Common Roof Issues During Winter


Roofs are exposed to natural elements such as wind throughout the year. But, the weather conditions during winter are significantly harsher. The snow, ice, and freezing temperatures increase the risk of roof damage. To protect your roof from excessive damage, you need to identify potential problems during winter. That way, you can address the problem early enough and prevent further damage. Take a look at some of these winter roofing problems and how to solve them.  1. Condensation Roof condensation occurs when heated air in your home meets the cold air on your roof.

22 December 2021

Flat Roofing Truths: Things You Should Know


Flat roofing is becoming an increasingly popular option among homeowners, and for good reason. Unfortunately, many of those who are unfamiliar with flat roofing can inadvertently spread misinformation. Here's a look at a few facts that you should know about flat roofing before you choose the roof you want for your home. Flat Roofing Doesn't Increase Leak Risks For many people, the idea of flat roofing triggers concerns that they may struggle with pooling water and roofing leaks because of a lack of drainage.

29 November 2021

Why You Should Use Sheet Metal For Your Roofing Update


Whether you need to replace the roof on a commercial property or your own home, you might want to consider using sheet metal. There are other options available to you, but with all of the benefits that come from using architectural sheet metal on your roof, you might not want anything else. Here are a few of the many benefits you gain from having roofers put metal on your roof:

29 September 2021

A Homeowner's Guide To Systematic Roof Planning And Working With Roofing Contractors


When it comes to roofing, it is arguably the most important finish for your home. It protects against water, outdoor weather conditions, and energy loss. Thus, it is important to invest in a good plan to ensure it does its job to protect your family. Systematic roof planning will cover all the bases, from design to installation, maintenance and repairs. The following homeowner's guide to systematic roof planning will help you work with a roofing contractor to plan the roof for your home:

13 July 2021

What To Know About Getting Residential Roof Restoration Treatment


In a 5-year period of time, home insurance companies allocated payouts for more than 6 million different hail damage claims. In addition to hail damage, roofs get beat up by rainfall, snow, wind, sun, and other issues each year. Age is also a factor, and before you know it, the roof that you are relying on to protect you and your family doesn't look great and is no longer serviceable. If you are hoping to turn things around, you will need the help of a residential roofing professional that can offer you restoration services.

30 April 2021

Is It Time To Replace Your Home's Roofing?


The roof has a vital protection role on the rest of the building structure, as the first line of defense against the vagaries of nature. This constant beating takes a toll on your roof and it will fade, tear and wear. You can expect to replace the occasional curled shingle, and clear out the gutter regularly. But like any other structure, the roof can suffer extensive damage or become so old that the only solution is an overhaul.

26 April 2021

Signs That Your Metal Roofing Need Repairs


Longevity and low maintenance requirements make a metal roof popular for commercial and residential buildings. But the time may come where your metal roof shows signs of wear and tear. You should engage a skilled roof repair technician to service your metal roof. Metal roofs trump other roofing materials from a cost and durability perspective. They are designed to last several decades. An impressive lifespan, weather resistance, and energy efficiency make up the list of qualities that make these roofs a perfect roof solution.

20 April 2021

Roofing Replacement Fundamentals: Things You Need To Consider


When it comes to roofing replacement, there are a lot of factors to consider. You'll need to talk with your roofing contractor about a lot of details, including the type of roofing material, the scope of the work, and many other factors. If you have discovered that your home needs a new roof, there are some things that you should know going into the process. Here is a look at some of the things that you need to consider as you get ready for your roof replacement.

9 April 2021

Top 4 Benefits Of Roof Replacement


Your roof has served you well for the last decades. But lately, you may have noticed there's a lot of water that leaks inside the house when it rains. Unfortunately, leaking water could damage both the interior parts of your roof and your valuables. As such, it's time to do an entire roof replacement. Apart from protecting you from elements, are you aware of the other benefits of roof replacement? Read on to learn more.

5 April 2021

2 Reasons Why You Avoid Replacing Shingles on Your Home's Roof Yourself


While inspecting your roof after a particularly rough winter, you may have noticed that a patch of shingles sustained damage during the severe season. Fortunately, however, the rest of the roof seems to be in good condition overall. Because the area that needs to be replaced is small compared to the rest of the roof, you may be thinking about doing the job of removing the damaged shingles and replacing them with new ones yourself.

30 March 2021