Commercial Roofing Services: Layover Roofing


Commercial roofing services are essential for any business to ensure that the building remains structurally sound and safe. There are many types of commercial roofing services available, but one that stands out is layover roofing. This is a process in which a new layer of roofing material is installed over the existing one, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for commercial roofs. In this blog post, we will explore why layover roofing can benefit your commercial property's roof. 

Cost-Effective Solution

One of the main reasons why the business owner prefers layover roofing is that it is a cost-effective solution. It reduces the demolition cost as instead of replacing the whole roofing system for leaks, punctures, or tears, this process only requires a minor repair on the roof and adding a layer onto the existing roofing. Moreover, layover roofing is much cheaper than a complete roof overhaul and replacement.

Increased Durability

Layover roofing can provide an extra layer of protection, making it more durable and able to withstand environmental factors. Durability is particularly important in areas with extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, or snowfall, where the roofing system must endure the elements.

Less Disruption of Business Operations

Since layover roofing requires less time and labor, it can reduce the disruption caused by the installation process. The business owner would not have to close down business activity when the installation is taking place. Staying open for business while your roof gets an update improves your bottom line.

Energy Efficiency

Layover roofing can improve the energy efficiency of your building. Providing additional insulation can reduce heat loss during cold winter months and help you lower your cooling costs in the summer. It can become a great way to improve your building's energy efficiency and save money on energy bills.

Guaranteed Quality

Lastly, layover roofing provides guaranteed quality. Licensed, bonded, professional contractors with years of experience can provide quality services to their clients and a warranty for their work. They can use the latest techniques and tools to repair punctures and tears in your roof and insulate it to improve energy efficiency.

Layover roofing is a cost-effective and efficient solution for commercial roofing, providing increased durability and energy efficiency while reducing disruption and guaranteeing quality. Hiring a professional contractor with experience in layover roofing is important to ensure the best results. Enjoy the benefits of layover roofing and see how it improves your commercial building and your business's bottom line. 

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29 January 2024

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