4 Tricks To A Long Lasting Wood Shake Roof


If you're searching for roofing products with both aesthetic and function, wood shakes are often at the top of the list. Wood shakes, with their natural finishes and textures, are one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofing materials available. But they provide more than just surface beauty — they're also energy-efficient and long-lasting, typically about 30 years. However, the key to extending the life of your lovely wood shake roof is proper installation and maintenance.

18 March 2021

Protect Your Investment: How To Tell When Your Tile Roof Needs Repairs


If you had a tile roof installed on your home, you've made a good choice. Tile roofs can last from 50 to 100 years, which means you shouldn't need to worry about replacements. But, your tile roof will still require repairs from time to time. Taking care of timely repairs will help to ensure long-life for your tile roof. To make sure you do take care of those timely repairs, it's important that you know what to look for.

15 March 2021

Considering Vinyl for the Exterior of Your Home? What to Know


The exterior walls of the home have an important job to perform. As the initial barriers to sun, wind, and precipitation, they shield and protect the interior of the home and its occupants. They must also be strong enough to offer support for the roof and bolster the entire structure.  Protecting the integrity of the exterior walls is the goal for every homeowner and most choose to do so by covering them with some type of siding.

5 March 2021

How Can You Tell If Your Roof's Ridge Vent Is Leaking, And What Can Cause It To Leak?


A ridge vent is an opening made of metal or plastic that sits on top of a ridge where two different sections of the roof meet together. They play an important role in keeping your attic free from water damage, as they allow the rising warm air in your home to escape outside instead of building up in your attic. If the air in your attic is warm and your roof is cold, condensation can form on the underside of your roof decking.

25 February 2021

3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Standing Seam Roofing


Whether you have decided to replace your old and leaky roofing or need a suitable metal residential roof for your newly built house, it is crucial to ensure your investment is worthwhile. But with so many roofing options in the market today, making a choice can be difficult. Either way, you need to find a way to narrow down your choice between a corrugated roof and standing seam roofing by looking at the many options these two categories offer.

23 February 2021

Working With Your Roofing Contractor To Install A New Metal Roof On Your Home


If you want to install a new durable roof on your home, you have a lot of choices for the types of materials that can be installed. One of the options that you may want to consider for your roof is metal. Today, there are various types of metal roofing systems that can give your home an attractive roof. You will need to work with your roofing contractor when having these materials installed.

8 February 2021

Your Guide to Commercial Flat Roof Drainage


One of the most important parts of your flat commercial roof is the drainage system. Flat roofs can be prone to ponding water, a phenomenon that leads to leaks, a short roof life, and the possibility of collapse. Understanding how your drains work and the required maintenance is a must.  Common Drain Locations Roof drains are typically located around the perimeter of the roof, in the center, or both. Perimeter-only drains are typically reserved for roofs with a smaller area and simple footprint.

4 February 2021

Roofing Repairs That Might Be Needed When The Sealants On Your Roof Get Old And Fall Apart


One of the reasons it's important to check your roof closely every few years is so you can find caulked areas that have worked loose. While shingles make up the bulk of your roof, there are other parts like rubber boots, metal flashing, and sealant that can wear down and start leaking. Replacing worn-out caulk is an easy roofing repair, but the tricky part can be tracking down the source of the roof leak.

1 February 2021

Reinforcing Shingle Roofing To Prevent Weather Damage And Leaks


If you are going to install new asphalt shingles on your home soon, you want to plan improvements that prevent damage. Choosing the right underlayments and reinforcements will help protect your roof from potential damage. The following information will help you reinforce asphalt shingle roofing to prevent damage and leaks: Start by Reinforcing Flashing The flashing is important with asphalt shingles, and it can also be the most vulnerable area of your roof.

18 January 2021

3 Problems You Can Experience With Deteriorating Home Siding


When you see a home, you see the full culmination of all the elements that make up that structure. However, the home siding is perhaps one of the most noteworthy visual components because it takes up so much visual space. For this reason, many homeowners deem residential siding as primarily an aesthetic element, but below the curb appeal that siding adds to your home, this is also your home's main line of protection against the elements.

15 January 2021